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Shoe Fitting 101

Shoe Fitting 101

We at FIT TRI RUN are experts at fitting people for shoes and offering effective foot solutions. We specialize in matching people with superior products- including athletic shoes, apparel, nutrition and accessories to create happier feet and happier moving bodies. Whether you run, walk, do triathlons, cross fit or other fitness activities- come see us for your needs!

What to Bring and What to Expect

Every patron and every experience is unique. When you visit us at FIT TRI RUN, you can expect individualized service. Though not necessary, it is helpful if you bring the shoes you had been running/training in as well as any orthotics (if you generally use them). It is also a good idea to be dressed to run/walk- after all, we want you to try out the shoes before you buy them!

Every fitting starts with us asking you a few questions. We will ask you how you intend to use the shoes (for work, walking, running, fitness classes, boot camp, cross fit, etc). We will also ask you about any past or present injuries and take a look at you in motion. We will then bring out a variety of shoes that would best suit your foot-type and needs. The ultimate decision about which shoe is the best for you is yours. We know our products and understand biomechanics to best guide you in your selection. We take the guess-work out of the situation so that you spend your time and money wisely and have the best possible experience.

Return Policy

No matter how great a shoe may feel inside the store, you may not really know how well it will work for you until you use it a few times. For this reason, we encourage our patrons to come back and see us if there are any issues. Sometimes the issues are easy for us to problem-solve. Other times, exchanging for a different shoe is the best option. We don’t mind if the shoes are worn; we just want you to be happy with your purchase and have happy feet!


Our shoes range in price from $90- $175. The average shoe cost is approximately $100-120. With good, specialty shoes like the ones we carry, cost is generally correlated to the technology in the shoe. If you are price sensitive, you may tell us that in advance. Otherwise, we will bring you a range of options and you will select what feels the best on your feet.

Shoe Life

Most shoes are designed to last 300-500 miles. This range has many variables including the technology in the shoe, the frequency of wear, and how the shoe is used. Frequent wearers generally purchase a new shoe every 6 months or so. Some people know they need a new shoe when they start to experience a new pain of some kind (sometimes in the feet, knees or hips). For most shoes, if the sole is worn out, the inside of the shoe (the footbed) was worn out long ago. To get more life out of shoes, some people purchase 2 pairs at a time (could be the the same or a different shoe) and alternate use of the shoes. This way, they maximize the life of the shoe and get more miles out of each.