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Happy Feet Makes for Happy School Days!

Come in for your kids back to school needs!

Come in for your kids back to school needs!

As a child, I remember not being able to go to sleep the night before the first day back to school; I was excited and nervous at the same. The start of a new school year brings new classrooms, new teachers, new opportunities, and perhaps a new school and new friends. There are so many concerns going through the minds of our kids; the last thing they should be concerned about is achy feet due to poor quality or fit of shoes.

As you prepare your child for back-to-school, I urge you to get him/ her good quality shoes that fit properly! The quality and proper fit of a child’s shoes is vital to his/ her long term foot health! Frequently children wear the same shoes to school, gym class and sometimes for play or sport after school. Chances are, your child will wear his/ her shoes for 8 or more hours a day.

Don’t go to a self-serve shoe store where your decision is based on color and size. Spend your time and money wisely and just come see us. We are a full-service shoe store with ONLY good quality shoes. You can’t go wrong! Dependent upon your child’s foot size, you can expect to pay $45-70 for a great pair of kids running shoes. We’re smart, we’re local, and we care. Forty years from now, your kids will thank you.

Here’s to healthy feet and happy bodies,