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Hammer Toes: Tips and Tools for healing/ correcting

Here at FIT TRI RUN, we see all types of feet and have experience with a variety of foot conditions. We strive to do our best to match an ideal solution to individual needs. Our solutions usually involve a combination of products and education.

One of the great new products we discovered over the last year is CORRECT TOES. Correct toes are designed to:

  • Correct many common foot & leg problems
  • Increase athletic performance, decrease injuries
  • Improve strength & flexibility of toes & feet
  • Enhance balance and stability

It is a seemingly simple tool that can have a huge positive impact in the health of your foot and alignment of your toes. We have spoken with many people dealing with bunions that have used CORRECT TOES and have experienced improvement with toe alignment and decreased pain over time.

Only recently have we realized the positive effects CORRECT TOES have on the condition of Hammertoes. As with any product, there are no miracle cures. But proper stretching combined with the right tools and shoes will aid your body in healing. Please click below for a short, simple video demonstrating good stretches for HammerToes.

If you or someone you know is suffering from foot issues, know that we at FIT TRI RUN have solutions for many conditions. As always, we recommend you consult with your healthcare provider for your special or medical needs.

To learn more about CORRECT TOES and various foot conditions, visit:

CORRECT TOES are in-stock at FIT TRI RUN.
Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,