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Got Shades??

Let me introduce you to my favorite pair of shades — TIFOSI. 
(Tifosi is the Italian word for super-fan/ a sports enthusiast.)

I am really hard on my sunglasses and for some reason, I don’t hang on to a pair for too long. I used to just buy cheap-y ones for these reasons – but not any longer!! Tifosi is such an awesome brand! They are stylish, functional, affordable, AND excel with customer service!

My top 10 reasons that I choose Tifosi and love wearing them.

10. They don’t fog up when I run, bike or otherwise breathe heavily.

9. They really are affordable!! Prices range from $49- $99- this is awesome for high quality and durability! (You can actually buy more than 1 pair for less than the price of some other good quality brands).

8. They have excellent customer service. A pair of mine scratched and TIFOSI replaced for $10!

7. They make me look cool.  🙂 (just joking about this. But there are so many cool styles from which to choose)!

6. I love the frameless sunglasses for biking and every day wear. The phototec sunglasses are perfect for early morning runs or bike rides- they protect your eyes without compromising vision and darken as the sunlight increases.

5. Some come with 3 interchangeable lenses, some are photo chromatic, some are polarized (great in and near water) and some are a combination of features.

4. They are comfortable! They don’t pinch my nose or cause headaches. Most styles have adjustable nose pieces.

3. These sunglasses are great for golfing, fishing, tennis, sailing and all other outdoor activities besides running and cycling. And- all styles come with a cleaning cloth and case.

2. I have to repeat that I love that they don’t fog up when I run and cycle. They don’t slip off of my nose or touch my eyelashes, either!

1. I stand behind a company who stands behind their products.

Here are a few features of Tifosi Technology.


Tifosi frames are made from durable and flexible Grilamid TR-90 nylon, with hydrophilic rubber on the arms and nose pads for a more custom, comfortable, and no-slip fit. *Frame Features may vary and may not be available on all models. Please refer to model pages for more information

GRILAMID TR-90 FRAME  TR-90 is an incredibly light durable nylon material that resists chemical & UV damage.

ADJUSTABLE EAR PADS  Fully adjustable ear pads allow a customized fit, increasing comfort & performance.

ADJUSTABLE NOSE PADS  Fully adjustable nose pads allow a close fit, limiting slippage and increasing comfort & performance.

HYDROPHILIC RUBBER  Hydrophilic rubber ear & nose pads increase their grip the more you sweat to prevent slipping.

INCLUDES CASE & BAG  Each pair of Tifosi Optics sunglasses comes with a hardshell zippered case & microfiber cleaning bag.

LIFETIME WARRANTY**   All Tifosi Optics Sunglasses include a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

We just received a big new shipment of TIFOSI sunglasses — visit us and check them out!

Or find out more about TIFOSI at:

Wishing you endless joy and great health,