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The BOD POD is back: body composition

The Bod Pod is returning to FIT TRI RUN tomorrow from 12noon – 6pm for a (free) reassessment for those individuals who initially had their fat and fat-fre mass testing done 12 weeks ago.

For those of you who did not do it previously but would like to have this done, you can call or show up between 12noon-6pm and we’ll try to fit you in. The air displacement test and set up takes only 5 minutes to complete. It measures fat and fat-free mass. To find out more information, click here:  and here:

To prepare for testing:

*do not eat or drink for 2 hours before test

*bring a bathing suit or tight fitting clothing (spandex-type) to wear during test

*remove all jewelry

This is great tool to use to assess your “baseline”, establish your 12 week goals and measure your progress in terms of fat loss and muscle gain.

Stop by tomorrow and check it out!

Live well,