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Early Bird Sale — this Friday, November 21st


No need to wait until Black Friday and Small Business Saturday to take advantage of holiday savings! Get a jump start on shopping and GOBBLE UP great savings this Friday, November 21st!

ENJOY 10% off all shoe purchases (not already on sale)*
ENJOY 20% off all apparel and accessories (excluding truck sale items)*

*Sale prices applies to in-stock items only. Early Bird gets the worm AND the great savings!

*All sales final.

Store hours on Friday, November 21st are 8am-6pm.

Can’t make it in to shop this Friday? No worries! Just call us and we’re happy to mail your goodies to you!

Run happy, walk happy, work happy.

HOKA ONE ONE shoes- Why HOKA? Try it out and find out!

Everyone has their own personal preference for shoes- which is why we offer a big range and great selection of shoes at Fit TRI Run.

One shoe brand that is newer on the market but seems to be a super hot brand with loads of success stories to back it up is HOKA ONE ONE.


If you’ve seen these shoes- yes, they look like a lot of shoe- but they are one of the lightest, most cushioned, most comfortable shoes on the market. Success stories have ranged from athletes with joint pain to the person with neuropathy to the person (nurse, surgeon, etc) who is on their feet nearly all day.

At every opportunity, we bring in brands for you to try-on and try-out. This Saturday, please join us for the opportunity to try out the latest HOKA ONE ONE styles! You can read what one shoe critic has to say about HOKAS here, but visit our shop and try out the HOKA ONE ONE shoes and you be the judge. Tell us what you think about them! Even better – try them out and join us for a hill training/ run form clinic! Then you can really feel how they respond. Just be dressed and ready to move on Saturday.

HOKA ONE ONE shoe test wear is this Saturday 8:30-12noon

HILL Run Form Clinic is this Saturday at 9am.

Both of these events are free of charge and open to all. 

Live well, train smart.


It’s Just a Hill- Get Over It! Join us for a hill running clinic this Saturday.

It’s Just a Hill…Get Over It!


’tis the season for fun runs and a really great one is just around the corner!

Have you signed up for the 3rd annual DAILY NEWS PRESS 5K, 10K and kids 1K yet? Well make sure to sign up and JOIN US for a hill-running-form-clinic! It’s just a hill…we’ll help you get over it! Read on for more info…

For us flat-landers, the thought of running or walking up a hill as big and steep as the Causeway can be a little intimidating. But think of the views from the top (and the photo ops!)! How awesome is it to have a Pelican-eye view of the Bay? And how often do you get to do this on foot? (I’ll answer for you: only 3 times a year during a race- so don’t miss out on this one!)

As with any sport, using proper form is important when running hills. Whether you are running uphill or down, maintaining good running form is essential for improved speed, efficiency and reducing excessive pounding.


Uphill running: It’s better to take super short, quick steps running up hill rather than taking long, powering strides. “Powering up” the hill with long strides will most likely leave you breathless and is not necessarily efficient or fast.

Quick uphill tips:

*Shorten your stride (take shorter steps)

*Increase your cadence (take quicker steps)

*Lean into the hill – but DON’T bend at the waist. Think about standing tall. Keep your back straight.

*Ideally, you will land mid-foot/forefoot. Don’t stay on your toes; allow the heel to drop down to the ground with each step before you push off through your big toe. There is stored energy in the heel- when you allow your heel to fully drop, you can tap into some of this free, stored energy that will help your forward momentum.

*Drive from the hips- focus on using your hip muscles to lift your knee while you are pushing off the back leg. (The back leg should be nice and long and straight with each step up).

*Keep elbows bent at 90degree angle and drive your elbow back behind you with each step (right elbow back, left hip flexed forward and vice versa).

*Keep your shoulders out of your ears (stay relaxed in the shoulders)

*Keep your neck long; look a few feet ahead of you.

*Engage your core!


Here comes the fun part:

Downhill running! Downhill running = free energy!!! Take advantage of the “free” increase in running speed. When traveling downhill, gravity is your friend. You can control your speed with your body. If you want to run faster, lean forward (into the downhill) from your hips- not your head or trunk. If you want to slow down, run more upright. Your feet will always want to land under your center of gravity- your lean will define where your center of gravity is. You will notice that when you lean forward into the downhill, you will need to take much quicker, shorter steps to maintain control. Keep your feet moving fast and continue to lift with your hip flexor (lift up your knees, keep knees bent and land SOFTLY). It’s important not to land on your HEELS first when going down HILL. Landing on your heels is too much impact through your joints. Allow your muscles to act as shock-absorbers –this little tip has huge physical benefits over time.

Quick downhill tips:

*Look downhill, but not at your feet.

*Don’t over-stride; keep your steps short and quick.

*Avoid landing on your heels first. When you land on your heels, you are “putting on the brakes” and wasting energy. You are also sending too much impact through your joints. Use your muscles to run, not your joints.

*Keep your knees soft and bent (think of you knees like shock absorbers on a mountain bike)

*Land softly with your full foot. Avoid “stabbing” your toes into the ends of your shoes. Just lift your foot and land. Let gravity assist you in your momentum.

*Use your arms for balance. Don’t worry about the forward/backward swing needed in running uphill.

*Engage your core! Think of your abs, rear end, and back as a stable base. Allow your arms and legs to do what they need to do.
Reading about hill running may make technique sound complicated, but with a little demonstration and practice, it makes sense and can be quite fun!

Want to learn this uphill/ downhill technique and “practice” running hills? Great!!

JOIN US  this Saturday, Aug 30th 9-10am at FIT TRI RUN.

This Saturday, the 30th, we will also have the latest models of the HOKA ONE ONE shoes for you to try on and try out!

**For these sessions, be dressed and ready to run/ walk. All ages and skill levels welcome. Meet at Fit TRI Run (518 23rd St, Galveston) by 9am.

HOKA shoes will be available for try-on and try-out from 8:30am-12noon.

There is no cost to attend this session or try out shoes.


Hill training can build incredible strength and speed that overflows into flat land running. The key is to be smart and not to do much too soon.

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to do the DAILY NEWS PRESS RUN, just remember that the Causeway is just a hill…. so get over it! (Literally. On Sept 13th)

Sign up here:

Live well and train smart,


THANK YOU Anniversary SALE and TAX FREE Weekend- beginning tomorrow!

thankyouTHANK YOU THANK YOU!  It’s been 5 years since we opened our doors and we owe it to YOU! Please know that we appreciate you shopping with us and keeping us in business.

Before I tell you about the great specials we have this weekend, I wanted to tell you that one of the greatest things we love about living in Galveston is YOU! We love the people we get to interact with on a day-to-day basis and the friendships that have been formed. We love the way we rally around each other and support each other; whether it’s for a “cause” or just because – we are here for each other.

As a locally owned and operated business, we provide part-time jobs, contribute to the tax base and economy, support local events, students, and organizations, and we give back to local charities and non-profits. By shopping local, you keep your money here in the community where it belongs and allow it to circulate to benefit others.

We LOVE what we do, but we need to tell you that the long winter this year combined with the excessive seaweed and the convenience of online shopping has been a real kick in the gut for all of us who own small businesses.

Here’s what you can do to help: If you find yourself in the market for a new pair of running or walking shoes, apparel or accessories, would you allow us at FIT TRI RUN to serve you? It is always our pleasure to help you find the perfect pair of shoes- whether you are an occasional jogger, a beginning runner, a runner with a specific goal this year, or on your feet all day.
When you shop at our store, you know that we take the time with you and really care to make sure that what you buy is the best for you. We also back it up with an easy exchange policy. Thank you for choosing us for your active living needs.



Thanks, Uncle Sam!

This weekend is TAX-FREE weekend for every piece of apparel and pair of shoes $100 or less. We are also adding on a one-time major anniversary TENT sale on dozens and dozens of shoes and all running apparel (not including triathlon or cycling apparel).

Expect to save up to $70 on older model shoes (plus tax free for those that qualify). And enjoy 40% off all running apparel (plus tax free)! This sale is tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday only. All sale items final. No exchanges or refunds will be accepted on sale items. Sale pertains to IN-STOCK marked items only. 

This is a GREAT time to purchase shoes for yourself or for your (older) kids heading back to school!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and sharing it with your friends! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Live well!

Kim & Steve, owners of FIT TRI RUN

Notes for River Cities Tri & Triathlon Checklist

RACE DAY Checklist!

This blog is a partial repost from earlier this summer, but I wanted to provide you with some tips and reminders of supplies for RIVER CITIES TRI this weekend.

This is a really fun race and (depending on your start time) is well shaded. This is a hilly course- proper hydration and nutrition are essential!

It looks as if the weather will be perfect for us and much cooler than normal for this time of year, but things could change- so be prepared!

I recommend leaving Galveston no later than 11am. It’s a 5 hour drive and packet pickup strictly closes at 5pm. Directions:,+Galveston,+TX+77550/6970+Fern+Ave,+Shreveport,+LA+71105/@31.259335,-94.5456407,7z/am=t/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x863f9e6bcfbc52ef:0x65603d1d300f9330!2m2!1d-94.7930765!2d29.3039322!1m5!1m1!1s0x86312d24218693f9:0x46cdd3b36b06f10c!2m2!1d-93.7297642!2d32.4427738  PLEASE NOTE!!! Turn LEFT on Fern, not right. You’ll see the shopping strip on the LEFT. Sport Spectrum is in the corner.

If we have enough time, I like to go to the park (race site) for a quick swim. Feel free to drive the bike course (if you haven’t yet done this race, the element of surprise is more fun!)

REMINDERS to pack:


*Anti-fog spray or wipes (optional)

*Race belt (don’t put holes in your apparel!)

*Bike shoes

*Running shoes

*Speed laces? (optional)

*Socks? (optional)

*Anti-chafe such as BODY GLIDE or TRISlide (my new favorite product!)

*Spare tube(s)

*C02 cartridge & adapter for it


*Visor or hat (this really helps!)


*Sunglasses (avoid energy drain from squinting)

*Extra ponytail holders (girls. Or guys. We don’t judge).

*Water bottles

*Extra water bottle (disposable) for swim start or in transition

*Towel for transition?

I would make a bottle of ARMOR and plan to leave it with your flip flops somewhere near the swim start and outside of transition – this way, you can drink it right after.

I also recommend bringing a bottle or disposable bottle of something to drink before swim start- water or IGNITE and a gel of some sort. The race begins at 8am. Depending on your wave, you could be on the shore for a while. I generally bring a small bag with extra water, ARMOR and a shirt or change of clothes for after. Just before the swim start, I put my flip-flops in the bag and leave it on or near a picnic table. After the race, that’s the first thing I grab.
Parts of the transition area may be on dirt or grass, so bringing a small towel to stand on is helpful. Some people dress up or wear wigs to race – feel free to join in the fun!

GOOD LUCK to all of you racing this weekend!



The BOD POD is back: body composition

The Bod Pod is returning to FIT TRI RUN tomorrow from 12noon – 6pm for a (free) reassessment for those individuals who initially had their fat and fat-fre mass testing done 12 weeks ago.

For those of you who did not do it previously but would like to have this done, you can call or show up between 12noon-6pm and we’ll try to fit you in. The air displacement test and set up takes only 5 minutes to complete. It measures fat and fat-free mass. To find out more information, click here:  and here:

To prepare for testing:

*do not eat or drink for 2 hours before test

*bring a bathing suit or tight fitting clothing (spandex-type) to wear during test

*remove all jewelry

This is great tool to use to assess your “baseline”, establish your 12 week goals and measure your progress in terms of fat loss and muscle gain.

Stop by tomorrow and check it out!

Live well,



HOKA ONE ONE- it’s here and it’s “more”

Have you experienced a HOKA shoe yet?

Are you dealing with joint pains or are you looking for a maximum cushioning shoe that gently cradles your foot? We probably have what you’re looking for.

We understand that there is no ONE perfect shoe for everyone. And what might be perfect for you one year might change the next year. At FIT TRI RUN, we are sensitive to your changing needs and we are constantly bringing in proven products that might fit your changing needs.

We recently brought in a few styles of the HOKA ONE ONE shoe. It might look like a lot of shoe, but it’s incredibly light. (This is the brand of shoes that Mike Erhedt ran across America in a couple of years ago.)

Stop by and try them on and try them out! We’ll do our best to help you spend your money wisely and keep you moving. Remember, it doesn’t matter how fast you go…. you just have to go!

More on the HOKA ONE ONE shoe company and technology:


    Since 2010, HOKA ONE ONE® has been on a quest to bring ground breaking and elevated benefits to all runners. HOKA ONE ONE engineers unique performance midsole geometries that feature higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes.

  • oversized midsole

    Engineered midsole volume which is up to 2.5X the volume than standard running shoes, made with performance-specific cushioning material.


    Excellent shock absorption and an inherently stable ride which is designed to reduce the fatigue in your feet, legs and core.

  • oversized midsole

    Meta-Rocker midsole geometry, specifically engineered with a low heel-toe differential and a sculpted outsole radius in the heel and toe, creates a unique fulcrum effect and encourages a guided foot gait cycle.


    Supports a runners natural form, and encourages an efficient, continuous Positive Gait Speed roll from heel-strike to toe-off.

  • oversized midsole

    Uniquely engineered Active Foot Frame midsole geometry allows the foot to sink deeply into the shoe’s midsole.


    Designed to provide integrated stability which is adaptable to a wide range of feet and running styles.

    Live well!

    Kim & Steve

New OOFOS colors in stock!

Hey all of you OOFOS lovers, check out our new Spring ’14 colors! Hot and cool at the same time….



Lemonade Day!

It’s National Lemonade Day!

Visit us anytime between 12noon and 3pm today and donate to a responsible, creative, motivated 8 year old! Logan is not charging for lemonade, rather he is accepting donations. You can choose between Good Old Fashioned Iced Lemonade or a Lemon-twist Slushy

Your donations will be divided as follows:

34% to Logan

33% to the Galveston Humane Society

33% to FTR Kids Galveston to be used to purchase new running shoes for underprivileged kids in Galveston

The purpose of LEMONADE DAY is to empower today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. (I wish this program existed when I was a kid!)

Thank you, on behalf of my son Logan, for your support!



To learn more about Lemonade Day Galveston, visit:

Running to remember & celebrate Kaytie Joiner

Today, several of us in Galveston gathered and dedicated our run to Kaytie Joiner, who prematurely lost her life on April 13, 2014, as soon as she finished the DIVA Half Marathon here in Galveston. I never had the pleasure of meeting or knowing Kaytie, but her story moves my heart and makes me tear-up when I think about her, her family and friends and her fiancé. Today is the day she was to marry her best friend.
I found her Facebook page- she looks like the type of girl that everyone wants to know and be friends with. She has an all-American smile and a sense of love that surrounds her. Everyone loved her dearly and it seemed that she touched many lives.

I guess she made such a positive difference during her time here on earth that our Good Lord called her “home” to be with Him while she was still so young. I cry when I think of how her fiancé, family and friends must feel and how difficult this day must be for them.
The one thing I know in my heart is that she is at peace. She is resting in a place of love beyond all comprehension. She died doing what she loved and was surrounded by persons who loved her.

Kaytie, we ran for you today. We mourned for you today. We pray that your peace and love and grace surround your loved ones. Thank you for reminding us all that life is so precious and so unpredictable. Thank you for reminding us that sweating the small stuff is a waste of time. Thank you for uniting our running community even more. Thank you for making a difference in our lives- though we’ve never met. One day, let’s go for a run in heaven.


Rest in eternal peace, Kaytie~



Your running friends in Galveston