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Client Testimonials

What our customers say about us

Hi, Kim, it was nice meeting you and having you size my foot properly and as a result I got the kind of running shoe that allowed me to just float on a cloud on my next run!!
Thank you,
Roger Bennington
Bennington Fitness

- Roger Bennington

Kim and Steve-
I was in the store on Friday and Kim helped me so much.  I was the one that will be running the 1/2 marathon in Atlanta in December and basically had been running and just trying to learn as I went along.
I just want to tell you how grateful that I am for all of the information that you provided me.
I ran 5 miles this morning and used my new water belt and also used the energy lab product, Execute, during the ran.  I just wanted to tell you that I felt better than I ever have after a 5 mile run and could have easily ran more this morning.
I can not thank you enough for all of the help and information.
Vickie J.

- Vickie J.

I met Kim and Steve in 2013. It was my first year of bike riding any distance and I had some serious pain while running. Between weekly bike rides and USA Fit Galveston runs I learned a lot that year. This never would have happened without the Fit Tri Run crew. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the help and positive support. Great people; Fantastic Store; Wonderful USA Fit group!!!!

- Nancy F.

Fit Tri Run is an amazing place. It is so much more than just a running or shoe store. The service is exceptional. The staff are wonderful about helping you support your fitness goals. I did not run my first 5k until after age 40. I have now completed 11 half marathons. (And would have never guessed this was something I would do!) This was my way of trying to create a healthier life and Fit Tri Run was a huge part of my support. Fit Tri Run is a hub of our community through run clubs, training programs, education activities, and lots of fitness events to keep you and your family moving. If you have been buying equipment without real expert help, developing your own training plan, or just need a word of encouragement, I highly encourage you to visit Fit Tri Run.

- Donna L.