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8 Grateful Years In Business!

Here’s to Grateful 8!

We first opened our doors at 528 23rd St. (where the Kitchen Chick is now) before moving next door to a bigger space!

We first opened our doors at 528 23rd St. (where the Kitchen Chick is now) before moving next door to a bigger space!

Wow! Fit TRI Run is celebrating 8 years in business! We have said this one hundred times before and it’s worth repeating: we here is because of YOU! Thank you! Thank you for your love, support, patience and friendship over the last eight years!

Before we opened Fit to Run (now Fit TRI Run), neither Steve nor I had ever owned/ operated our own business. Neither of us had ever worked in retail, either.  Hurricane Ike was the devastating event that inspired us to follow a dream based on our mutual passion: to help improve lives through running, walking and fitness.

Although we have a thousand things to be grateful for, I’ll focus on 8 for our 8 years in business:

8 things for which we are Grateful:

1- We are thankful and grateful for all the friendships that have been formed through our shop and through our running/walking programs! We love becoming friends with our customers. When we look around, we see many circles of friendships continuously forming and growing. If it wasn’t for Fit TRI Run, for our training programs, and for you participating, many of our lives’ paths may never have crossed.

2- We are thankful and grateful for all the victories and triumphs- no matter how big or small! We have helped hundreds of folks reach many finish lines that may have been daunting. We have shared laughter and tears and prayers over life’s celebrations and challenges. We know that we can do anything through Christ who strengthens us. We are one family.

3- We are grateful and thankful for our resiliency! We have persisted through injuries and serious illnesses. We have persevered through cancer, dementia and death of a loved one. We have come together to support each other no matter what life gives us. Together, we have made lots of lemonade! 🙂

4- We are thankful and grateful that we continue to grow and become stronger physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally through running, walking, and multi-sport fitness.

5- We are thankful and grateful for this journey in life! The proverb goes “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. We are thankful for the many sunrises and for the amazing sky during our early morning training. We are also thankful for lower humidity days!

6- We are thankful and grateful for all of you who volunteer your time and energy at packet pick-ups and at races! We are grateful for your loving, caring disposition and your smiles – no matter how long the days are. Thank you for being part of our extended family and for being part of our team! It’s not easy getting up at 4am to execute events… but it sure is gratifying when it’s all said and done. We can only do this with your help!

7- We are thankful and grateful for all the goals you created and surpassed! We remember your first “4 miler” and your first open water swim! We remember your first 5K, your first half marathon, your first full marathon, your first triathlon. We celebrate your milestones and accomplishments and we cheer you in your next goal! We do our best to be at the finish line or start line of your events. And to add we are thankful and grateful to be an instrumental part in raising fitness and active living in Galveston! Keeping feet happy and healthy is important to us. Even more important is communicating that YOU CAN DO IT! Nearly anyone can walk or run a 5K and/or do a triathlon. You decide what fitness or life health goal you’d like to accomplish and we’ll help you get there! The feeling when you cross that finish line is amazing! You CAN do it! We believe in you! We’ll be with you every step of the way!

8- We are thankful and grateful to be in business eight years! Steve and I poured our heart and soul into Fit TRI Run. We believe that we can make a positive difference in lives and in our community. We stay abreast of changes in shoe technology as well as run form, swim form, etc. We love educating. We love employing and empowering people. We give back a tremendous amount to our community. We rely on you to shop with us! Every purchase you make with us keeps us in business – AND- approximately 70% or more stays in our community.

Once again we are thankful and grateful for YOU! Thank you for shopping with us! Thank you for our love, support, and friendship. Thank you for keeping us in business in Galveston for the last eight years! We continue to rely on you so that Fit TRI Run can continue to give back.

Here’s to many more great years with you!

With gratitude,

Kim & Steve


What a beautiful site! SO GRATEFUL!

What a beautiful site! SO GRATEFUL!